Math 2.0: Tools & Resources for 21st Century Learners

This was an opportunity for educators interested in teaching math to collaborate in the sharing of strategies, resources and ideas in various topic around math.

Favourite Tools in the Classroom

Description/Suggested Use


(This list has been arranged alphabetically.)

Apps for the i-pod touch show on this particular page.
Has loads of other resources.
Phil Macoun
Doodle Paint
For visual representation of math concepts. Iinvolves teachers and students creating images of math learning using a paint program. This tool works on a SMARTBOARD.
See the Doodle Paint blog --
Kathy Wiesner
Drexel math forum
The math tools is a searchable database with links to a wide variety of tools for all levels. Their teacher to teacher forum allows interaction with other math teachers and ask Dr. Math is a good resource for student questions.
See esp . Math Tools Catalogue
Jean Potter

Claire Thompson

Nadine Medeiros
Easier than Geometer's Sketchpad which was also recommended. It's multiplatform and in a pinch you can run it in your browser if you're on a computer that you aren't allowed to install new software to.
Josh Giebrecht

Nadine Medeiros
Student generated videos
Phil Macoun
Moodle LMS (Learning/Content Management System)
Suggested use -- to make class notes available
(Must be downloaded for teacher to use and hosted to give students access)
Nadine Medeiros
Performs math procedures and shows answers
See Colleen Young's blog post --
Phil Macoun,
Josh Giesbrecht,
Colleen YOung

Math Mondays -- the public library or local rec centers where parents and kids can come to brush up the basics
Sue Hellman

District sponsored Olympic nights -- get students and parents involved in math and literacy
Dave Lanovaz