FED-EX DAYS (from Dan PInk, the author of Drive a new book about motivation)
What might emerge if we let kid loose to work on anything they want for a daywith the only proviso that their presentation the next day explain:why they had undertaken this work,how it used or connected with mathand what they had done?-Sue Hellman

These people have helped me rethink my own WHY, HOW and WHAT of teaching math.

Sexy stats & equations for love Clio Cresswell

Leadership and 'followership' Derek Sivers

"Calm the math [i.e. the procedural learning] for a moment." Dan Meyer

Start at about 4:00 minutes. Maria Andersen is taking about calculus,
but the gist of what she's saying makes sense at all levels.

What kids can do if we give them exciting tools and leave them
on their own .. watch the leaders and follower! Sugata Mitra

About taking risks ,,, why did you pick math teaching as a career?
Was it to make a difference in kids' lives by getting their math scores up?
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot